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Compaines House c/o address?

Compaines House c/o address?

I remember reading a long time ago that Companies House did not allow c/o of PO Box addresses for registered offices but Ive been having a look on their website and the only mention I can find is that they dont allow PO Box address.  Are c/o Accountants address now permitted?

Reason I would need a c/o address is because of being in serviced offices and them wanting to charge a chunky fee per client.



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30th Mar 2012 15:29

Sort of...

My own observations are that where a limited company uses the accountants' address as their registered office, only the address itself is used. The "c/o" is omitted.  This is perhaps not unreasonable - the primary objective has been achieved; to include "c/o" would only invite more questions - from an enquirer or Companies House.  However, if you really need to test whether "c/o" is officially acceptable then I suppose Companies House is only a telephone call away!

Good luck


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02nd Apr 2012 16:54

stating c/o = not allowed

tladirect is correct.

Many companies use accountants addresses - this can mean an additional fee for use by the way!

But stating 'c/o' is not allowed.

PO boxes are not allowed - check out my article on the subject of setting up companies - see link below: 

It states:

The address must be a physical address (i.e. not a PO Box without a physical location).

Jennifer Adams FCIS


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02nd Apr 2012 16:12

I think it is allowed...

I recently setup a new limited company for a client in Northern Ireland and used my office address as their registered office i.e. Limited Co Name, c/o My Co Name, Address etc.  The name and address details are shown as a c/o address on the Companies House website.

When registering the Company i'm pretty sure, (well 99%), that the option of c/o was there to select. 

Hope this helps.


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28th Feb 2014 14:32

c/o is permissable

Companies Act 2006 changed this.

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