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Companies House

Companies House

Does anyone have any idea what Document examination do (or not). I have just looked at three different companies ( common director) for the past three years. The accounts were filed in paper version and there were no comparative figures on the balance sheets. All companies appear to be audit exempt. We shall be writing formally to Companies House


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23rd Feb 2016 19:15

they are incompetent and inconsistent
They have just sent back a set of amended accounts because the word amended was on all the pages not just the front a complete waste of everyone's time

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23rd Feb 2016 20:42

Something came back?

I thought Companies House was a big brick filing cabinet.

Helpful staff on the phone though.

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By DMGbus
24th Feb 2016 09:00

Really important things...

I can recall a time when Companies House regarded a signature in any colour ink than black being something worthy of rejection!  I don't know if this serious disdemeanour is still regarded as such, so I still make a point of getting accounts signed in black ink - or better still - file them online.

Another thing that they check is that the company number is stated.

I believe that they might check the Balance Sheet certificate / statement signed by directors too.

I don't think that they check if figures add up though ( I have seen a Sage Accounts Production not-adding-up Balance Sheet accepted in the past).

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24th Feb 2016 09:05


I had a set of accounts sent back, many years ago, because the signature was photocopied.

It wasn't - it was in black biro.  So I had to smile when they later decided that black ink was the way forward.

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By Maslins
24th Feb 2016 10:35

Generally speaking I think Companies House are great.  Easy to speak to competent people on the phone when you need to (unlike HMRC).

However, as others have suggested above, they do seem to have a habit of on occasion rejecting stuff for really pedantic reasons, whilst letting through accounts that make no sense whatsoever.

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24th Feb 2016 11:49

'&' instead of 'and'

I use VT Filer which works great & saves those last minute treks to Companies House at Abbey Orchard Street.

But a friend at another firm still files some of his on paper. For many years, the accounts for two particular companies had been filed with the name ending "& Co Limited".

This year the accounts for both companies were rejected because the name on the Companies House record ends with "and Co Limited". These had been hand delivered just before the filing date.

Penalty notices were issued but successfully appealed against (although they made clear this was a one off exception.)

Regarding signatures, they do now accept electronically produced signatures (blue or black).

Agree that the staff at Cardiff are pleasant & helpful.


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24th Feb 2016 13:00

It doesn't achieve anything to inform CoHo.

We have on past occasions pointed out glaring errors, omissions and worse to them and received a "that's nice, now run along" response.
Recently taking on a client who had accounts prepared since 2008 by the same (ICAEW) accountant. In year end 2011 the company ceased trading and 'dormant' accounts were filed showing the deficit to date and all other BS figures.

2012 - same 'dormant' accounts (apart from a £40 annual return fee)

2013 - 'dormant' accounts with just £1 cash at bank/share cap

2014 - total exemption accounts with the 2011 figures reinstated

2015 - 'dormant' accounts with just £10 cash at bank/share cap

There has been no trade since the cessation of trade during 2011.

This has not been noticed and makes a mockery of the whole point of a public record. But then again, who would be paying the checkers if there were enough employed?

What come back is there once reported - no fines/penalties or even actions taken against the directors/accountant. So it will just get worse as with everything left unchecked.

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24th Feb 2016 22:26

i do agree that CH managers if you have to refer to them

are very good , i suppose given that i have only had to refer to them 2* in 10 years i should be more generous

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25th Feb 2016 07:56


Just as a quick response we recently had contact with Companies House regarding the signature required on accounts (we had to submit via paper).

We were told providing there is a signature on there the accounts will be accepted.

The client used there E-Signature (used on bottom of emails etc.) the accounts were submitted fine. 

We couldn't believe this is now allowed! 

Has anyone else experienced this recently? I appreciate that the majority of accounts are now submitted online.

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25th Feb 2016 09:16

Way of the world

That's just how the world is these days.

I was surprised when they went for some sort of facsimile signature on accounts.

All you need is to know who authorised them.  Maybe that will soon happen.

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