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Failing to file company accounts

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Can anybody else file accounts with companies house today ? It keeps coming up with various errors at different stages for me. Must have gone wrong at 5 different stages.   

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19th Apr 2023 12:51

Yup - same here

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By spilly
19th Apr 2023 12:53

I had this problem yesterday. Managed to finally get stuff filed late in the afternoon so maybe they are having issues at busy times?

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By Mr Hankey
19th Apr 2023 14:22

I'm having problems, the web filing service is very slow and keeps giving errors.

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By annafjames
19th Apr 2023 15:00

I've just called them and they explained to me they are having multiple problems with their newer website gov website which will not resolve until they issue their system update expected on Sunday at the earliest. Most of us use it as it sends us to it when you come in via companies house.

They gave me a fix which allows you to go to the old companies house log and have filed successfully there, I've tried to post the fix here but as it's a web address it won't let me, but if you follow the instructions below it will take you to the same place

If your logged in, log out and close the browser. Open new browser, Go to main gov uk log in page for Sign in to WebFiling to companies house, and once you get to the log in screen that says email address and password, the 4th option underneath says 'I Need to file a charge (mortgage) documentation. This takes you to the old log in which is working absolutely fine with no errors.

Just used it to file and its has updated with no problems to the register,

I had a long moan :)

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Replying to annafjames:
By kenny achampong
19th Apr 2023 16:44

Thanks, it worked. That's handy that they have (probably accidentally) left the back door open so we can get into the old system that actually worked. I do wonder how much they paid their IT sub-contractors to "update" their system into one that doesnt work.

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