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Companies House

Companies House

I have always had a lot of time for Companies House, they are polite, efficient and helpful.

However, I don't know who thought up their new Annual Return reminders, but they need shooting!

I received one today, issued 14th May, for a made up date 19th May, due by 16th June, emblazoned "URGENT ACTION REQUIRED"

Great, braced for panicky phone calls from clients, why is this late, you're supposed to deal with this for me, blah, blah, blah...  ... you know the type of call!

Really could do with out this sort of thing, ffs, it is bad enough fighting fires caused by HMRC without this lot starting new ones, I'm running out of fire engines (or appliances if you are being pedantic)!!


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20th May 2011 18:41

In fairness

It will make a difference if clients do actually take notice of these letters.  Most of them seem to think "that's the accounts, the accountant will deal with it" and file it in the bin.  I do send my own reminders out, but if one gets missed, this could be helpful.

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20th May 2011 20:53

Keep a list

I keep my own list of annual return dates and send my clients a company information document to confirm if it still applies.

Comapnies House and HMRC do seem to send out more strident letters nowadays.

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20th May 2011 20:59

You can never anticipate the response every time

I sent a client a confirmation that I'd submitted her "PAYE End of Year" - per the confirmation I received.

Cue phone call from client: How can you have submitted it I haven't given you my investment income yet!!!

I patiently explain that I haven't submitted her tax return but come to think of it I would like her to respond to my earlier request.

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