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Companies House authentication code

Client cant seem to get a replacement

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A client is a subsidiary of an Irish limited company.

The UK sub has had its Authentication code changed by Companies House for some reason. I have never had it changed before for any of my other clients. The one we used last year to submit the accounts no longer works.

I have applied for the code to be sent to the registered address but the registered address on Companies House is no longer the address and so the new Authentication code doesn't arrive. (long story - company secretarial stuff was done by HO in Dublin)

Does anybody know how to get a new code when the address on Companies House is no longer correct?

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By bernard michael
11th Feb 2019 10:32

The RO shown at Cos House is meant to be updated. tell the Irish to get their act together Can you not check with the address shown @ Cos House and ask if they have any post ?

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By Maslins
11th Feb 2019 10:37

Only time we've had something slightly similar is when we get a new client, they don't know authentication code, registered office address is old accountant, and old accountant not playing ball whatsoever.

If they haven't signed up for PROOF, they can send off a paper AD01 form to change the registered office address. Wait for that to be processed, then request authentication code.

Alternatively, Cos Hse do have a fraud team, whereby if the director/shareholder answers a whole bunch of security questions (more than normal) to prove it really is them, then Cos Hse can offer some suggestions.

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