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Companies House Dormant Company Accounts form

Companies House Dormant Company Accounts form

I've been cheerfully using these for aeons, where the company's Balance Sheet has been cleared down to just cash and ordinary £1 shares.

But (ooops?) I've just noticed that Companies House have taken to saying that form MAY ONLY be used if the company has *never* traded  (when did they add that??).

If you've cleared the company out and made it dormant for a couple of years surely it makes sense to use the form, in which case, are they right?

(I'm sure we used to do this all the time in the Big8....)



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By Anonymous
14th Oct 2009 08:20

DCA Form

I believe that the use of the old DCA form (now AA02) has always only been for companies that have never  traded. But the restriction goes further than that - the company must only have issued subscriber shares. If further shares have been issued, the DCA/AA02 form cannot be used, even if there is to be/has not been any trade.

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