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Companies House Filing iXBLI accounts

Companies House Filing iXBLI accounts

I am a little confused. I was under the impression that iXBRLI accounts were to be filed at both Companies House and HMRC. However the webfiling service at Companies House is only for dormant company accounts, so how do I file accounts electronically with Companies House ? I have only just set up in practice and am finding my feet with the whole iXBRLI filing issue.

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By DMGbus
12th Mar 2011 11:09

Two ways to file online

The current easiest way (until we have confidence in software suppliers products that are easy to use, low cost, delivered on time and reliable) is the downloadable .pdf from the Companies House website - this does of course require the authentifaction codes (etc, codes) requirements, but with a bit of trial & error it works (I've filed about 8 sets of Abbreviated Accounts this way in the past year or so).

The "world is perfect" "everything's a just push one button proceedure" as portrayed by Software providors and Lord Carter is simultaeneous filing online from accounts / tax software - oh such as giant saving in cost!   (NO MENTION OF HASSLE OF THE COST AND UNCERTAINTY OF UNPROVEN SOFTWARE AND BEING TRAINED TO USE IT WITH ALL THE TRIAL, ERROR AND ANGUISH FROM AN UNINTUITIVE INTERFACE TO BE EXPECTED FROM SOFTWARE SUCH AS SAGE!).

Apparently some software vendors claim to have software that has been operating satisfactorily for iXBRL and online filing for a year or so, others are still struggling and providing problems for accountants in consequence.   


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12th Mar 2011 14:17

not yet

You dont - you hit print and send them in the post as its a lot easier than iXBRL.

Not compulsory with CH until 2013.



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13th Mar 2011 20:11

Not just yet

Companies House and HMRC working to the same standard? Whatever next! 

Both currently work to the same standard - paper accounts filed by post! From April, HMRC will only accept company accounts electronically as iXBRL files (with CT computations also in iXBRL). Companies House was working with only XBRL - similar but not quite the same - until last September, but will now accept iXBRL, but only for dormant and small audit-exempt companies, either full or abbreviated accounts. There is a joint filing service accessible from the Companies House website.

We have been filing abbreviated accounts online for years using the interactive PDF downloadable from Companies House WebFiling - it's the best way to make sure accounts arrive on time.

Once software suppliers get their iXBRL accounts running for HMRC submission I am sure we will see most of the major accounts packages adding the facility to file at Companies House too.

Companies House does offer a template for filing full small company accounts online, but I couldn't recommend it - it takes ages to fill in, and companies rarely want to file full as opposed to abbreviated accounts.

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