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Companies House - Florian Potts animation - awful?

Companies House - Florian Potts animation - awful?

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I just started watching the CH animation here:

but just couldn't get to the end.

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to produce this heap of rubbish?

Oh, these people I think:

Hope you enjoy it.  I wonder how much they paid to CH to do that.


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By SouthCoastAcc
11th Sep 2020 15:08

Target audience 5 year olds

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Replying to SouthCoastAcc:
By Paul Crowley
11th Sep 2020 15:14

Shows what companies house think is the average director IQ

That is an IQ equal to Companies house capability

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By carnmores
13th Sep 2020 07:38

They've slightly lost their way. If you have a question they take a long time to answer would love to know the protocols

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By stepurhan
14th Sep 2020 10:26

I have never understood that flickering animation technique. Why make everything flicker when it is not moving.

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