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Companies House fraud


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Hi everyone,

Just got a letter at home from companies house. Not my company so checked the website and a company has been set up at my address. The sole director is in UAE according to the website.

I've contacted companies house and they advised some forms to fill in and to contact action fraud which I did.

Is there anything else I should do? Just worried now that this is just the start of something.... Am I being paranoid?


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By lionofludesch
02nd Oct 2017 13:53

File an SAR report ?

Bit of a weird one though.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
02nd Oct 2017 15:02

I had a fraud a couple of years ago where someone set up a fake audit firm at Companies House with a name very similar to my firm's name and one of designated members of the false LLP had exactly the same name as me.

The registered office of the LLP was different to mine, although in the same city.

I didn't find out about it until a year later, when creditors called me up asking about a number of companies that they thought I had audited. The fraud was quite sophisticated involving fake websites, Information Commissioner registrations, use of serviced offices, etc.

Over the course of a year I filed numerous SARs, ActionFraud reports, e-mails to the Insolvency Service and a couple of reports to HMRC (some of the fake trading companies had VAT registration numbers).

Most of the companies that I know of have now been struck off for not filing accounts / annual returns or the Insolvency Service has applied for a court order to have them wound up.

The police didn't seem interested, but the Insolvency Service at least at took some interest, so you might want to e-mail them with any concerns that you have about the company affecting you.

[email protected]

Unfortunately, there just seems to be a lot of corporate fraud going on. I guess because it is so quick and easy to set up a company in the UK.

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By Sandnickel
03rd Oct 2017 13:20

Thanks for the responses, hopefully I don't hear anything more. Thanks for the links.

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By adjadj
04th Oct 2017 13:19

In 2013 I had someone re-register my old company at my address; the directors used his own address. At the time Companies House (CH) sent all correspondence to the address of the director and NOTHING to the registered address of the company. I only learned about it because a marketing agency targeted my new company.

I contacted three credit vetting agencies but they did not seem to care.

CH did not seem too concerned either about this potential fraud but after a year they forced the company to close.

In the interim. to protect my interests, I created a website using Google Sites which set out the situation (see My thinking was that any credit vetting activity would pick this up.

What is worrying is that is you search for Kzvs Ltd on the CH BETA site only the second company shows up (as closed). It is not possible to see the only company on the BETA site. You have to go to webcheck to see both incarnations of the Kzvs Ltd. This simplification along the lines of the You Gov just assists fraudsters!

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By slarti
05th Oct 2017 10:26

Even the paranoid are at risk.
When someone tried to use my details in a VAT registration, one of the things I did, other than getting my statutory credit reports from the 3 agencies, was to register with CIFAS.

I would suggest getting the reports for all at your address and registering. It is a PITA to have to do it, but better safe than sorry.

Oh, and we found 2 attempts to get credit on our reports.

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