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Companies House has dissolved the company


I was self employed a few months back. Had my own company. Then i moved on to employment. At the same time i had some family problems, completely forgot to do the annual filling. Logged in today to finaly do it and i get the message that the company has been dissolved. Im worried now i dont know what to think? What will this mean? What will the consequences be for me? 

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19th Nov 2017 20:02

The company is dead. You don't have to worry about it any more.

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19th Nov 2017 20:16

I agree with the above reply - the company is dead and you can forget about it.

The real problem is your self-employment. If you have not been filing returns for some time then you have probably racked up a few thousand pounds in penalties already, unless you had notified HMRC you had ceased.

You will have received notifications about these from HMRC but I assume that if you were ignoring the notices from Companies House you were also ignoring notices from HMRC. The self employed penalties are the ones to worry about since they are due to you personally and you cannot escape them like the company debts.

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19th Nov 2017 23:05

The other possible consequence is that you will have lost any assets (bank balance?) the company had when it was struck off.

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to johngroganjga
19th Nov 2017 23:13

Thanks for your reply. Lucky i only had about £50 on the account. No other asset. Now all i have to worry is to contact HMRC and try to submit the last return to prevent any penalties.

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to Accp2017
19th Nov 2017 23:30

The company is dead. It can't make any more returns. It can't get penalties.

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20th Nov 2017 07:20

But you still need to submit a self assessment return for your self-employment.

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20th Nov 2017 07:32

Were you self employed or a director of your own company? Did you receive notice to file a self assessment tax return?

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By John R
20th Nov 2017 12:20

Reading between the lines, I suspect that all transactions relating to your business were through a personal account and it seems possible that although you set up a limited company, you have not in fact used it for trading purposes. Instead you have been self-employed as an individual and therefore you owe tax on the profits. You cannot simply form a company and expect your trading to be treated as being through that company if there is no evidence that the company billed for the work. You need to see an accountant asap.

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