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Companies House making things less efficient

Companies House making things less efficient

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When logging on to Online Filing Companies House require you to select which type a company is.

Seeing how you have to give a company number and authentication code this seems unnecessary unless they have four different databases. I would have thought it is better to have access to all of the databases anyway.

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By petersaxton
05th Nov 2009 13:12

They blame the Companies Act 2006

I had to phone to get an authentication code (they had system problems!) so I asked about having to select the type of company. 

It appears the type has to be known because of the different formats used.


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By Euan MacLennan
05th Nov 2009 13:37


They also appear to be blaming the Companies Act 2006 for having to re-register for PROOF on all the companies for which we piously registered for PROOF in the last few months up to October.

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