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Companies House PSC does not agree to submission

Typos made by Co House

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I removed a PSC at Companies House effective 5 July. I received an email with the correct name and date. When I go into filings it says the wrong name for the removed PSC, they have removed the first letter of her first name and the last letter of her surname and have said the effective date is today.

It looks like input error and hard to explain to a client even though I forwarded the email to him in case he asks. I doubt clients spend their lives checking the public record but I am still annoyed.

The PSC online changes have only just come in and it looks like there is a malfunction somewhere.

Not sure if anyone can help but more of a rant.

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By Wanderer
06th Jul 2017 17:37

I've one as well.

Submitted a change in a PSC's nature of control.

The PSC04 (ef) IS shown as filed with correct new details.

When looking at the beta site the nature of control still shows the old details.

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Adrian Smart
By Adrian Smart
14th Jul 2017 11:30

We (as software providers of our Secretarial system FirstOrder) have been informed that Companies House have suspended the filing of the PSC04 due to "technical difficulties" which I imagine relates to your issue.

I would hold off filing anything until the matter is resolved.

Hope this helps

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