Companies House strike off DS01 online not working

Anyone have a 'work around'?

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 On and off over the last month I have been trying on and off to strike off a company.

I've tried various ways but every time it ends with 'Sorry we are experiencing difficulties.. try again later'

I emailed Co House who sent a standard 'this is how you do it;' 

which is what I was doing in the first place.

Normally I would have given in and send a paper application but the cost is now much higher at £44 for paper.

Anyone any work arounds?

I've searched on this site and there are work arounds for Confirmation statements (which dont work in my case anyway) but not for the problem I am encountering.

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By rmillaree
21st Jun 2024 18:00

your first default should always be to try a different browser to see if that makes teh problem go away

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By Lucy N
21st Jun 2024 19:07

This may sound silly but have you tried going back on your browser and trying again? I found this worked when I did one about a month ago and got that message, or refreshing or trying a different browser.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
22nd Jun 2024 09:01

As you have both suggested.. I'll try another browser.

I always use Chrome (despite Computer Active saying not to!) as that was the only one that used to work and was a suggestion from a Co House employee when this happened previously.

I've already tried using Chrome and DuckDuckGo (and cleaned out cookie etc) but still no joy so I'll have a go at using Edge or Firefox and let you know!

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
22nd Jun 2024 09:15

Nope.. doesnt work.. I've tried Edge, Firefox, Chrome, DuckDuckGo and nothing works.

I usually decline cookies but this time have tried accepting them and not accepting them and still nothing works.

I've even tried pretending I'm registering a mortgage (someone here suggested this for someone who had a similar problem) but no.. nothing.

Its a dormant company! All I want to do is close it!

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Replying to Jennifer Adams:
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By thevaliant
25th Jun 2024 13:20

How soon is the Confirmation Statement due?
Is not filing that a potential 'workaround'?

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By RedFive
22nd Jun 2024 12:32

I’ve been having problems with confirmation statements crashing half way through. Do it off peak hours such as on a Saturday and works every time.

Despite the companies house charges tripling they don’t seem to have upgraded their servers to cope with normal traffic.

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By Tom+Cross
24th Jun 2024 13:06

I find the Companies House website 'clunky' these days. Printing confirmation etc, often seem to take forever.
Perhaps it's the WFH syndrome, in evidence?

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By susieq
24th Jun 2024 14:28

I had this problem several months ago, tried everything and in the end contacted co house directly, who said they were aware of the problem and could only suggest I keep trying. So I tried various times of day, whenever I thought about it, and finally got it to work, but it took several weeks. Would have hoped it had been fixed by now.

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