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Companies House webfiling cookies

Anyone else getting a cookies warning

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I've been trying to login to webfiling all day, on various devices and browsers and keep getting a warning saying Cookies must be enabled in your browser to be able to log in to WebFiling. They are ! I can't find any issues my end. Is it just me  ?

CH say they will reply in a few days.

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By thomas34
23rd Aug 2019 17:14

No, it's not you. If you click "Start Now", click "who can use webfiling", go to the top left of the page and click "sign in", you should get back to the original sign in page which has worked fine for years.

But like HMRC, it's compulsory to change what's been working well to keep their IT people in a job.

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Replying to thomas34:
By Tornado
27th Aug 2019 15:59

Thank you for this information.

I did manage to file as normal using the Brave Browser, which confused the situation a bit as Firefox & Chrome did not work.

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By gerrysims
23rd Aug 2019 17:37

Thank you so much for that. And what the absolute f****!
I did eventually manage to log in after following your path and multiple links. The old bookmark offered me all the options I needed but it seems I'll now need a separate bookmark to get to webfiling.
Morons. They'll be getting a rocket if they ever reply to my query.
And thanks gain.

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By pauljohnston
25th Aug 2019 17:27

Its worth looking at for everthing but accounts then its taxfiler

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By LostinSuspense
27th Aug 2019 14:27

Remember tax doesn't have to be taxing.

Just the filing of returns etc!!

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By Jo Nokes
27th Aug 2019 18:13

I had the same issue as you. Spent a fruitless period checking my browser cookie settings, clicked I forget which button, and then carried on as usual to file. Must be HMRC providing IT advice

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By Manchester_man
28th Aug 2019 04:46

I'm glad it's not just me!

Pathetic! More wasted time

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By bwps
02nd Sep 2019 16:47

I have found this too but have another workaround.
The saved address always seems to default to
which shows the message about cookies.
If you delete back to it resets to the log in screen.

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Replying to bwps:
By Murei Jay
15th Oct 2019 10:28

Thank you so much for the help! Was stuck all morning trying to figure it out, your a star!

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