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Companies House webfiling down ?

Cannot login

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I'm getting invalid password messages when logging in (or not !) to webfiling. It has always worked and even trying to reset the password I get an invalid password message despite meeting all their criteria.

Anyone else ?


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14th Dec 2018 10:49

105 views, no replies ! Am I the only one who uses webfiling ? Is it working for others or not, that's all I ask.
CH not responding to questions.

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to gerrysims
14th Dec 2018 14:39

I've managed to sign in fine just now, maybe it was just having a hiccup this morning!

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to sazzle88
14th Dec 2018 15:44

Thanks for responding. Odd as I'm still having issues after more than 24 hours and on all devices in our household including a PC and iPad that have never been used to login before.
I'll have to wait for CH to reply.

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to gerrysims
14th Dec 2018 15:54

that is very odd indeed, hopefully it resolves quickly for you!

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