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Unable to use site because of cookies - Help!

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I've been using Companies House Webfiling for many years with the PCs I have in the office.

Today I've logged into the site and it tells me I cannot use the site because cookies must be enabled in my browser to use the site. I've googled through how to enable cookies and the settings recommended (options , privacy, always allow cookies from 3rd party sites) were all ticked already. I've logged in on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on three different computers today in which I've used Webfiling in the past and get the same notice.

Has anyone had this issue and got around it? Any advice would be appreciated rather than have to go back to filing accounts on paper and waiting 3-4 weeks for them to appear on the website.

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By Jakarmi
21st Mar 2017 11:29

Problem solved.

If you google Companies House Webfiling then you get the main link at the top of Google and then a sign in link underneath.

I was clicking the sign in link as I have for many years and coming up with the Google issue. When I click the main link though it works and then the PC must remember the cookie because if I now click the sign in link directly after then it is all ok.

Probably a bit difficult to understand but if anyone else has the issue then hopefully you should be able to work through it and if not then please get in touch.

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Replying to Jakarmi:
Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
02nd Sep 2018 12:22

Thank you SO MUCH, it's just happened to me, and this took me less than a minute to find, and it works. Phew!

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Out of my mind
By runningmate
21st Mar 2017 11:50

I think the Companies House online service has man flu today.
Try again after lunch!

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