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Company accounts

Company accounts

Our clients are a limited company

As at January 2011 there were 6 directors each with one share.

In May 2011 one director passed away. The probate is still being sorted out etc.,

In the list of officials and professional advisers should we mention him as a director and that he is deceased or leave him out.

On the directors report we list the directors interests and shareholders - how should we present this? Six or Five shares you mention share in the deceased estate.

Any practical thoughts would be appreciated


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04th May 2012 10:05

What is the date of the accounts?

You are required by s.416(1)(a) Companies Act 2006 to disclose in the Directors' Report the names of anyone who served as a director at any time during the accounting period.  This is the only legal requirement.

It is customary, but not obligatory, to disclose in the Directors' Report all appointments, resignations and indeed, deaths, at any time from the start of the accounting period to the date that the accounts are signed.  It is also customary to show on the fly sheet or title page of the accounts all the current directors at the date that the accounts are signed.

CA 2006 removed the requirement to disclose the directors' shareholdings in the Directors' Report (or anywhere else in the accounts).  Continuing to show the shareholdings is waving a red flag to show that you are not up to date with the law and regulations.

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By refs8
04th May 2012 10:15


Thank Euan for your help. This answered what I needed to know.


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