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Company accounts - new wording in accounts

Company accounts - new wording in accounts

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Can I pass on some advice to any other ignorant people like me re the 2006 Companies Act?

Just had a filed set of (a small) limited company accounts returned by Companies House as "unacceptable" because the "Accounting Statements provided made no reference to the 2006 Act". My standard wording which I have used for years of course is now no longer acceptable for accounting periods commencing on or after 6 April 2008. The accounts in question were for the year ending 30 April 2009 (therefore commencing on 1 May 2008, ie after 6 April 2008), and my client will now be subject to a late filing penalty!  So not only do we now have to get these in a month sooner, we've also got to watch the wording! Life gets more & more difficult...! 

This new regime will of course apply to the popular 31 March 2010 year end coming up, so WATCH OUT!

The appropriate wording can be found on the Companies House website if you put in a search for "Accounting statements" or something similar. It's not the easiest detail to find, and why didn't my beloved Institute draw my attention more strongly to this...? What do I pay my subscription for?  Or is this a subtle way to get more in fines and penalties into the bring the filing date forward by a month AND make them change the wording, but don't make it too obvious...!!  (Also, let's force them all to file everything on-line with some new, unknown computer language called ixbrl, or whatever.....)

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By occca
01st Feb 2010 13:14


Maybe it's time to invest in some software

We use VT, very cheap and easy to use and keeps you up to date

Barely costs more than the fine you have incurred


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By Anonymous
01st Feb 2010 13:51

Why not file Companies House accounts online

 via Co House webfiling. Then you cant go wrong with the wording and correct sections of 2006 Act


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By jonbryce
02nd Feb 2010 10:47

Does Companies House Webfiling work

Has anyone managed to get Webfiling to work?

I tried to file a set of accounts using Sage APA, and they were rejected because they contained amounts for dividends and deferred tax.  As most of our clients have those in their accounts, it doesn't look like I can use Webfiling for anything other than dormant accounts.

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By Ian Lawrence
03rd Feb 2010 10:22

Online filing

Very flaky software, and of course will only accept abbreviated accounts.  I only use it in emergencies if the client is very late.

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By SimonLever
03rd Feb 2010 10:30

Maybe not as bad as you thought

In the past, and I cannot be certain it is still the case, if you filed accounts with the Registrar and they were rejected you had 14 days to re-file the correct accounts and they would take the original date of filing as the date for the revised accounts.

I do not know if this is still the case but it must be worth a call to the Registrar to find out.

Also probably time to make a call to a software company to purchase software to produce accounts that will be kept up tp date for the wording and to assist you in filing online in the new fangled language.

You cannot be living in the dark ages as you managed to post on this forum but maybe time to get into the 21st century!

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By Anonymous
03rd Feb 2010 10:37

Not any more I'm afraid

As of 1st October 2009, the old 14 day "trick" no longer works...


Yes, you have to be extra careful with the wording of accounts, but we should all have been made aware of the changes through various publications and CPD courses...


Another point to note, is that if you're filing accounts now with the Registrar, any signatures must be in black ink and the company number should be displayed on a primary statement - we've chosen the Balance Sheet for our accounts.

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By markabacus
03rd Feb 2010 10:43

Filing on-line to companies house

I file all our clients via the Comanies House filing fcility i.e. download their PDF. The only thing I would say is I wish they would fix the data entry sequence when using the keyboard, tabbing sequence is poor having to revert to a mouse to get to certain boxes etc, gets half way down current yr BS then jumps to comparatives!  I've reported it several times over the last 3+ yrs but nothing has changed.

Maybe it's me, old school, data entry is quickest using a keyboard and the tab key to move fields/boxes!


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By hsolomons
03rd Feb 2010 10:44

14 day concessionary period for re-filing accounts

The concessionary period no longer applies, so unfortunately you will have no luck on this score :-(

This and other changes which arose from the Registrar's Rules were reported in the September edition of Audit & Beyond.


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By frauke
03rd Feb 2010 10:49

Isn't this what CPD is for

Everyone I know have know about this for sometime. In November a group of of IAB & IFA members at a District Branch discussed it during the tea break. 

I must admit many of us do use VT final accounts. I've being submitting accounts for period starting after 1 May 2008 since August 2009, and have never had a problem.

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By Coopsy
03rd Feb 2010 10:54

Successful appeal
We e-file using Iris and have had no major problems at all. The only issue we've had was for a company with unlisted investments which it didn't like so had to revert back to using Companies House webfiling.

These were filed on the last day of the deadline using Companies House webfiling - we subsequently found out they had been rejected as the accounts were incorrectly filed. When we looked into this further we found out that within the Accounting Policies note we had typed the reference to the FRSSE as being .. (effective January 2007).. in brackets which is the way it is disclosed on all our accounts and which we file via Iris. Apparently the Companies House filing system doesn't allow brackets and other forms of punctuation!!!

Needless to say we appealed against this and were successful.

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By Anonymous
03rd Feb 2010 11:05

and don't forget............

the accounts should be signed in black ink!

I can accept that when laws / rules change if we are providing a professional service we should keep our knowledge up to date and being as how the Companies Act 2006 took so long to implement we can't say we didn't have time to look at it. But black ink! How many times will we have to send accounts out more than once because of the wrong colour signature!  

When I see the state of some accounts accepted by Companies House where the numbering of notes are wrong, spelling mistakes, notes that don't add up or have clear omissions of items known to exist. I really think this is a bit too much!

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By Anonymous
03rd Feb 2010 18:00

Black Ink? Not necessarily

I emailed Companies House to object to this new requirement, since I always sign using blue ink - that way I can more easily tell if my signature has been photocopied.

The response received from their Customer Support department (which I have archived in case of future dispute!) was:

Thank you for your recent query regarding the use of Black Ink.

The registrars rules are there as a guide as they always have been, black ink has always been the preferred option but as we have in the past and as now will not reject documents that have been signed in blue ink as long as the signature is clear and we can take a good electronic image of the document

This was also passed to my auditors, who now make a point of signing in blue!

Interesting point on the status of "rules" which are actually only "a guide"

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By honesty
04th Feb 2010 13:06

VT templates not updated

We have just had some returned. I went straight to the VT templates but these don't seem to have been updated yet Now plowing through the quagmire of CH website



Plenty of time for us to correct the matter though. Do not put off to tomorrow.....etc.

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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
03rd Mar 2010 06:34

VT & CH online

VT is great and I've not noticed any trouble with them not keeping the wording up to date, as long as you make sure the software is updated.

We always file accounts with Co House using their own pdf (it takes 5 mins to fill in, if that) and they have to be happy with the wording that way!

Also worth noting to people that the company number has to appear on a main page of the accounts NOT JUST the front cover if you are filing to CH using your own software/on paper. They aren't rejecting them for this yet but they have the power to. VT hasn't yet updated this to my knowledge but as we've used the CH pdf it's not been an issue yet.

As an aside, has anyone noticed the typo in the CH template? In the yes/no radio boxes section on the questions on the bottom of the balance sheet, they've typed "form" instead of "from"..... yes, I'm sad and notice these things! :) 

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