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company conference - how classify

company conference - how classify

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Hi, My company recently had a 1 day conference for it's employees, the morning was all work related and the afternoon was team building. How do I classify it in my accounts - training? staff welfare? entertainment (I usually reserve entertainment for entertainment not deductible for CT).thanks for your help.

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By mrme89
15th Jul 2014 09:54

I would stick it in training,

If it's a conference to update staff knowledge, I would stick it in training from the list you have stated.

Where has it gone before? Consistency is they key.

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By elsty
15th Jul 2014 10:43

its the first time they have held an all day conference for staff and it was compulsory for all staff to attend, even part time staff that don't generally work that day.   They do hold quarterly updates which usually is a 15 minute update on the quarter followed by a team buffet lunch at the local pub. Our company is a service company so staff are out at clients most of the time. These quarterly updates are a chance to catch up with what's going on in the office, how the company is doing and have a bit of a chin wag with work colleagues. Staff are encouraged to attend but it is not compulsory.

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