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Defunct agent, now looking for an alternative

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The Company Formation Agent who I have always used is Formations Direct. After unsuccessfully trying to incorporate a new company it appears that FD might no longer be trading.

Looking for recommendations for a new agent please? I only set up maybe 2 - 3 companies per year, and they're only ever PSC''s, so nothing over-complicated.



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By SXGuy
20th Jun 2024 17:55

I usually use companiesmadesimple.

The basic package used to cost around £15 plus vat but it has since increased to around £65ish I believe. Not sure if that's because Co house fees have gone up or whether they have just increased prices.

Be interested to hear of cheaper alternatives besides doing it all manually.

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By HL86
20th Jun 2024 18:02

Hi the company below is good and we use them for various bits.

Very good customer service. Not sure if cheaper than others but cheaper isn't always everything.

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By janelm
20th Jun 2024 20:24

I formed my last company via directly. I have used companiesmadesimple for over a decade, but they have brought in all the ID stuff early (i.e. client has to do a live photo/ID/etc after you pay for formation, but before they submit the documentation to Companies House to form the company), whereas the government website doesn't require this yet. Last client was on a bit of a deadline, the ID check malfunctioned not even giving my client a chance to submit info, and it all turned into a nightmare. The HMRC process was smooth though it still took 4 days because of backlogs at Companies House. (It was a longstanding client incorporating that I have done my own AML checks etc for, not meaning to imply any sort of avoidance of these).

Company formation fees have gone up to £50 minimum. For my few clients that pay for a registered office, they have moved to cheaper options than CMS in the last year.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
21st Jun 2024 12:33

If they are simple what is an agent adding?

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By Software Seeker
21st Jun 2024 13:00

Not having to create a new Government Gateway account every time I need to form a new company.

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By Paul Crowley
21st Jun 2024 14:48

I recommend clients to use a formation agent, giving guidance on shares and directors.
Reality is the client is just operating their software.

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