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Company formation for clients. how you do it?

Company formation for clients. how you do it, directly with CH or agents?

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I usually use couple online formation agents for 5-10 companies a year. however the recent digital-verification changes have made it a bit time consuming process.

Just wondered how you do it, directly with CH or using formation agents?


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blue sheep
04th Dec 2019 13:23

we use inform direct, superb software

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04th Dec 2019 13:30

I do it direct at Companies House. It is no quicker or easier to use an agent nowadays than to do it direct, and it only take a few minutes and very few quid..

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By SXGuy
04th Dec 2019 13:54

I use companiesmadesimple. Don't have any issues with time consuming. Pretty easy to form a company via them

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
04th Dec 2019 22:08

We use to use InformDirect, until I discovered that if you set the co up from within TaxCalc it lets you choose your own CoHo code. It’s a bit long winded to do it in TaxCalc, but at least all of the detail is then within the software.

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
06th Dec 2019 17:32

Just to confirm that - after someone made the same suggestion - we've added the ability in Inform Direct to choose your own Companies House authentication code. It's then saved with all the other details.

If others prefer just to get a code assigned by Companies House, they can still choose to do it that way.

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