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Company in MVL Liquidation

Is a company who went into liquidation on 30 May 2020 required to file accounts for ye 31 Dec 2019?

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Please, Should a company who went into liquidation on 30 May 2020 file accounts for ye 31 Dec 2019 to companies house? As Companies house still has a filing due date for the company for 31 Dec 2020 on their website, despite notifying the companies house of the liquidation?

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By The Dullard
12th Oct 2020 11:59

As a liquidator, you should know this. If you're not the liquidator, why are you concerned?

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Replying to The Dullard:
By Fum
12th Oct 2020 12:51

Sorry we are not the liquidators, we have been engaged to prepare the final/management accounts for the said year end and the pre liquidation accounts (short period accounts). Another entity is handling the MVL process. The accounts we prepared were also used by their tax team for CT HMRC filing

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Replying to Fum:
By johngroganjga
12th Oct 2020 13:21

“Engaged” by the liquidators presumably? Why don’t you take your instructions from them? They are in charge now.

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Lisa Thomas
By Insolvency Practitioner
15th Oct 2020 09:24

The Company's year end will automatically have been changed to the date of Lqn.

Returns no longer need to be filed at Companies House as the filing of the declaration of Solvency replaces that need.

However they no doubt still need to be produced in order that the final tax returns to 30.05 can be submitted to HMRC.

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