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Company Incorporation Software

Company Incorporation Software

I am after some company incorporation software with a decent user interface. Does anyone have any recommendations?

The one I currently have is almost impossible to use, constant error messages, UI is rubbish and output in lots of different places.

I would expect it to automatically generate PDF's of Memo and Arts, Shar Certificate etc and create a 'pack' that I can give to a client either by email or printed.

What I would potentially be interested in is having some type of standard form that I could add to my website or something to collect the relevant data and import it automatically into the software.


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10th Aug 2011 19:16

Company Incorporation Software

I use IRIS software and find the incorporation of companies straightforward. The process is linked to the database so I don't know if it can be bought separately. Files are downloaded so you have electronic version of Incorporation cert, Mems & Arts etc Company secretarial pack also produces standard minutes which is a bonus and records dividends, share transfers etc.

Worth a phone call if nothing else. 0844 815 5555

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11th Aug 2011 10:41

I second Iris for being excellent. Usually incorporated the same day. But if you don't know Iris do incorporations that's probably because you don't Iris, making my comment pointless!

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11th Aug 2011 11:44

Do you really need your own software?

Most online formation agents (certainly QuickFormations, which we use) provide PDF copies of the Certificate and Mem & Arts and of the incorporation submission, which serves as the initial statutory books (and OMBs rarely ever change their basic details) for £40 a time including the Companies House fee of £14.  They are easy to use and provide incorporation either on the same day or at latest, within 24 hours.  You would need to prepare your own share certificates and Minutes of the initial meeting of Directors, if that is something you prepare.

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12th Aug 2011 15:13

Thanks guys

Euan, I agree that it can be done cheaply, I generally use Wisteria which is absolutely painless for £24.99 per company; however, I was thinking of offering it as an add on service so something that could link to my website would be a bonus I think.


I used to use IRIS for accounts etc. and do rate them, just find them a bit pricey for my practice (although with my current software being a bit crap I am starting to see the value in it again)

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