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Company owned Shepherds Hut

Buying a Shepherds Hut as Office

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We have our main office in Bristol, however I am looking to relocate 200 miles away!

Could the company purchase a Shepherds Hut (or similar) 100% if it was only used as an office 3 days a week ? - I would look to claim back the VAT, and possibly add as an asset for AIA? The hut would come furnished with a basic desk setup, heating, lighing, toilet and coffee making facilities - Would there be any tax implications here? - I would not be looking to use it for personal use but it would be located in my garden.

Also, as an 'office' for the business, could we claim travel expenses to the main office in Bristol? 

Any guidance greatly appreciated!


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10th Jun 2019 21:48

Maybe; No; Yes; No

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to Tim Vane
10th Jun 2019 22:43


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11th Jun 2019 09:14

Will your company be providing goods/services free of charge from the proposed new premises?

When that happens, I'm sure you'll find someone here willing to give you free tax advice. In the meantime, you might want to discuss with your company accountant.

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to paul.benny
11th Jun 2019 09:17

Just seen the separate boat question and note the willingness to pay for advice.

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By pauld
12th Jun 2019 18:26

You can claim for what you like as HMRC don't care anymore.

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