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Company permitted registered office address

Company permitted registered office address

We act for a 'difficult' client who always knows better than us.

He wanted his company to have its registered office address at a P O Box.

We advised him that Companies House do not permit this.

He went ahead and (successfully) filed a change of address to the P O Box, which has only served to reinforce his conclusion that he knows better than us.

Does he?

With kind regards

Clint Westwood


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28th Nov 2011 17:06

He does


I think you are thinking of HMRCs rules were they want to know the trading address and won't accept a PO Box or accountants address.

A registered office address is ok as long as the documents will be accepted.

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28th Nov 2011 18:12

from Companies House website - see below

Registered Office (RO) Address

What is a registered office (RO) address?

All companies must have a registered office, which must be a situated at a physical location in their country of registration. It can be your business address, the address of your accountant or any other address you choose. However, it must be an address at which you will be able to deal with all official letters and notices that you receive.

Can a PO Box be used for the registered office address?

Yes, provided the full physical address is given including the postcode.

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29th Nov 2011 17:04

My bad

Sorry, full apologies to all for waste of time, but I posted the original query from home, relying on memory (it cropped up a while ago and only got round to checking now).  Anyway, it now transpires that I had it wrong: it was not the registered office of the company that he wanted this treatment for, but the residential address of the director.  I am aware that the service address can be a PO box but did not think that the residential address could be.

Ho hum.  Back to tax returns.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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29th Nov 2011 18:30

Residential address must be just that

When you use a PO Box you are still supposed to put an actual full address but many people don't.

I would have thought there's nothing wrong with having a PO Box in the residential address as long as the address is complete.

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