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Company reserves on cessation

Company cessation & reserves

Company has ceased to trade and has balance sheet reserves of just under £40k. Initial thoughts are to vote a dividend of £15,000 to bring the reserves to just below £25k and then apply to strike off. Are we correct that once the strike off application is showing at Companies House then the reserves can be distributed as capital i.e. HMRC won't challenge as a further dividend? The £15k dividend will push them into higher rates of tax so 10% CGT will be cheaper. We have suggested MVL and then all 10% but they are not keen as they are arguing after liquidator fees differenec is minimal.


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16th Jun 2017 11:51

From what you say, the £15,000 is clearly paid in anticipation of the striking off, and so the whole £40,000 will be taxed as income unless you appoint a liquidator.

The second point is that you make the final distribution before you apply for striking off, not the other way round.

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By Ruddles
16th Jun 2017 14:46

Friday afternoon pedantry - the balance on reserves has no direct relevance.

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