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company strike off

company strike off

Hi, am I right in thinking that the DS01 form is all that would be necessary to strike off a very small company with no bank account.

ie, that in practice, the crown would not try to take possession of a small cash balance, and that HMRC would not make too much fuss if no ESC C16 clearance was requested for a small capital distribution. (£800 each to the 2 shareholders, no tax due)

Many thanks for sharing your experiences


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03rd Jun 2012 22:13

ESC C16?

You need to bring yourself up to date!

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06th Jun 2012 12:42

No need to apply to HMRC

Hi - now that the process is legislated for, rather than dealt with by concession, as long the tax affairs are up to date and you notify HMRC and all other "interested" parties, that the company is being struck off, there is no "clearance" type procedure with HMRC anymore.

With regard to Lizzie or Charles getting their hands on any assets, you obviously have to make sure that any company bank accounts are cleared & closed before strike off, however you are right, you can distribute the money & assets without the Treasury Solicitor being interested.

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