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Company's credit rating

Company's credit rating

Does anyone know how long it takes for a company's credit rating to be updated once accounts are submitted to Companies House?

Also whether a significant DLA balance disclosed in the notes to the accounts affects the credit rating?




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26th Feb 2016 08:17

Very Quickly!

Hi Matrix,

It seems they are very quick at updating the credit score as a result of filing annual accounts. Here's the time line for a client we have recently filed.

22/2/16 - accounts filed with Companies House

23/2/16 - Logged with credit score agency (Tracker-Online) - Change in Filed Accounts Information

24/2/16 - Credit Rescore (Change in Accounts Information

I cant give a definitive answer on what parameters the credit score will be affected by as I suspect they are quite intricate and differ with each credit agency. Logic says if the balance was a credit balance (Liability) weakening the balance sheet it would have a detrimental effect no the credit score, although this is just guess work.

May be worth giving the credit agency you are using a call to discuss what influences the score.

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