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Complaint about acess to comments

complaint about access to comments

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When I look at a question I would like to look at everybodies replies/comments. The heading will state that there are say 11 responses but only say 5 are shown. there is no box at the bottom to allow me to look at all responses. This problem started last week.

Is any thing being done to solve it?


And why do I have to choose one of your catogories when none of them fit my question




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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
30th May 2019 16:16

I have the same issue, when logged out I can see the bar.

When logged in as a user, I cant see the bar, which means you cant see the rest of the post, or comment on posts down the thread.

If it helps to bug fix, as clearly some users can do this, my browser is Google Chrome on a PC version is 74.0.3729.169

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By Tom Herbert
31st May 2019 10:01

Hi all,

Sorry you're having this issue. Have checked with our IT team and received the following answer:

"It's possible that they have cached files, so a ctrl + F5 reload could help them clear their browser cache.

"Else, it could be plugins installed on their browser that are interfering with the site."

Hope that's helpful. If this continues do let myself or a member of the team know.

All the best,


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By johnhemming
30th May 2019 16:33

I am using Chrome 74.0.3729.169 and it works for me (I get the box that I can click on).

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By fishfishyfishfish
30th May 2019 16:38

Same issue here, very annoying!

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By sosleepy
03rd Jun 2019 10:35

Same issue here. Strangely, on this thread I can actually see the box for seeing more replies. But on most threads I can't.
I also confirm that Ctrl&F5 doesn't work.

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By sosleepy
17th Jun 2019 09:52

Did anyone who was suffering with this find a solution which worked? I still can't see 'see all replies' button on most threads.

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By Vile Nortin Naipaan
17th Jun 2019 11:07

OP this is just how the site works. Get with the program!

We could have that dreadful site that existed before all the changes, where everything worked just fine, and most people were happy most of the time. Thank heavens for progress!

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