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complaint about HMRC VAT - address ?

what address do we send a VAT complaint to

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A seemingly simple question . Does anyone know what postal address should be used to send a written letter of complaint to HMRC concerning VAT ?  to complain about poor service 

have checked HMRC website , and it gives addresses for other taxes , but not VAT .

Have found it impossible to get to speak to anyone by phone at HMRC to ask this question - just keep getting cut off , that is now also part of the complaint!  





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By Les Howard
31st Jul 2020 12:24

Answer 1 - surely you can't have anything to complain about in regard to VAT!

Answer 2 - Benton Park View, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE98 1ZZ (but chase up 3-4 weeks later)

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By LW64
31st Jul 2020 16:02

HM Revenue and Customs – VAT Written Enquiries
123 St Vincent Street
Glasgow City
G2 5EA
United Kingdom

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By Ianhodges
03rd Aug 2020 15:07

Thank you . A letter is now on its way by Royal Mail to HMRC.

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