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Completing a SA return after PTA

Client received letter saying they no longer need to file a tax return.

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I've received a letter telling me a client no longer needs to complete a tax return. This will be due to the fact she has taken a small salary and dipped into her pension to grow her business over the last few years. No other income.The letter states "if you need to fill in a tax return in the future, you'll have to register for SA again"

This year she will take dividends and have to complete a SA again. If she doesnt register for SA again and I file a return will this be rejected, will it go through but not be accepted if she hasnt regregistered ending in a penalty? 

This will be a nightmare to adminsinister if clients fall in and out of SA on a regular basis. Being a sceptic it looks like HMRC waiting for people to balls it up.

Also is it just me or has the spell checker dissappeared? Was there ever a spell checker here?

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By Wanderer
19th May 2020 08:46

In my experience you can just prepare and file it via software. It will go through with no problems.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By rob winder
19th May 2020 08:51

Thanks I hoped/thought that would be the case.

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By gainsborough
19th May 2020 09:24

I have the same issue with a client who has rental income in sporadic years and has been sent the same letter. I just intend to file an unsolicited tax return but agree with you that, for unrepresented taxpayers, many are going to get caught out by this.

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By Michael Davies
19th May 2020 09:52

Yep it won’t get rejected.

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