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After the 5 days of down time with ASA I have just logged in . It makes no logical sense and tell you nothing ( stomach churns ). All we have us an gateway that looks exactly the same as the old gateway. Seems like the computer geeks think you automatically know what to do.  Can anyone help me in anyway ? I no longer feel this a joke so please do not quip !


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By Maslins
04th Dec 2018 13:40

I was about to create a similar thread. So where I am:

Perhaps a few weeks ago, followed instructions (pointed to by ICAEW) to set up an "MTD" agent account. To my annoyance this insisted on it being a new one, with new gateway ID.

Having liaised with FreeAgent, I believe my accountant dashboard with them is now MTD ready to the extent it can be, and we can turn individual clients onto MTD as when we/they are ready.

I gather my next step (following BookMarkLee's recent newsletter) is to link my new HMRC account with the old one, so things like agent authorisations pass through.

Having logged into the new account, I can enrol it for various things, just standard taxes our old one is enrolled for and the plethora of weird and wonderful taxes only relevant to a teeny fraction of people. However there doesn't seem to be anything MTD related.

If anyone else has had more success, please share your secrets!

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By Maslins
to Maslins
06th Dec 2018 17:19

Turns out you need to not only login using your new MTD gateway ID/password, but also it needs to be from the new login page (which unhelpfully looks exactly the same as the old one).

Perhaps nobody else is having the same issue we've had, but if so, try logging in via:
Hopefully it'll get you to the right place to link with authorisations from your other (old) login.

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04th Dec 2018 14:06

Not convinced it'll be ready for first filings.

Yet again, I'm putting this off - against my better judgement, admittedly, but I've more pressing things to do.

Maybe I'll look at it in February.

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By Tornado
to lionofludesch
04th Dec 2018 14:37

lionofludesch wrote:

Not convinced it'll be ready for first filings.

Yet again, I'm putting this off - against my better judgement, admittedly, but I've more pressing things to do.

Maybe I'll look at it in February.

a) I still think there is zero chance of MTD for VAT being mandatory from April 2019.

b) I will also wait until February to look at this in more detail when all the keen folks have discovered the flaws in the system and perhaps helped to get them fixed.

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04th Dec 2018 15:07

My first return is not due until 7th August. (April to June Q ends)

I am on holiday then.

I will worry about it in July if its still compulsory.

If not, I will worry about it a year later.

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to ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Dec 2018 15:19

Surely the monthly lads will have the bugs resolved by then.

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to lionofludesch
04th Dec 2018 16:18


I am also hoping they will have made it easier to sign up clients rather than having to have each client give authorisation to you again through their non-existent digital dashboard thingy that few have.

I can see that being relaxed as it creates a big barrier and if you are (say) a non-UK national you cant open one of the things as you need a UK passport....I have lots of fairly international clients who are VAT registered

Horrible foreigners, coming over here, setting up small business and paying taxes etc etc etc.

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05th Dec 2018 13:37

Lucky you lot then.

I set up my "new" ASA. Why should I have to do so when I am already registered with HMRC as an agent?

Anyway, I have tried on numerous occasions and I cannot get back into what I set up a few months ago when ICAEW urged me to set up my ASA, let alone migrate clients to MTD.

BTW, why should we or the client have to migrate themselves on a new HMRC system? Clients I act for other reasons but not VAT will not know to have to migrate to another service and surely will simply file their first MTD VAT return as they did under the old regime.

Oh and has anyone seen one of HMRC's MTD letters yet?
I have numerous clients who will be dragged into the net and they are still none the wiser.

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By SXGuy
07th Dec 2018 09:18

The very most I've done is switch to mtd compliant software, I will not register for mtdfvat until I have evidence that it will be manditory April 19. I don't believe it will. If I have to register after 5th April 19 so be it, but I'll let others have a hard time and iron out the bugs first.

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07th Dec 2018 10:31

Hi Guys - Similar situation. Set up ASA account but know clients ported over yet from old Agent dashboard - I understood that all our clients would move (at some point) into the new ASA when HMRC get their act together - but that may have been "all in a dream".
We have had MTD Vat letters for two clients and our own practice - so they are out there people. Be warned it tells the client to come to their Accountant for help and advice!! Ho-Hum Merry Xmas

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07th Dec 2018 11:31

I am bamboozled by the Gateway but limp through

More problematic - when I tried to sign in to "Fetch" within TaxCalc, HMRC tried to identify me as an individual. I gave the correct details then it 'failed'

Currently under examination by their Online Services .....

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08th Dec 2018 13:52

There are two ways to log on to the Agent account

1. Old Account (still must use for all non MTD services)

2. New Account (MTD ASA)

VAT clients will NOT be moved across. You have to invite (existing) VAT clients to the new VAT ASA. However, they must have already logged on to their own Gateway Account and clicked the join MTD system (some word like that) before you can invite them.

The new ASA is just for MTD VAT. I believe that there will still be some sort of VAT agent gateway on the current agent HMRC account.

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to paulinleeds
08th Dec 2018 18:30

paulinleeds wrote:
However, they must have already logged on to their own Gateway Account and clicked the join MTD system (some word like that) before you can invite them.


The client has to open a Gateway Account ? I can see that being a huge barrier for some of my clients to negotiate - especially if MTD is developed for the smaller business.

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10th Dec 2018 14:35

We too are having the same problems, so I rang HMRC. I advised the web pages look identical for our usual online account and the new ASA. I was told this is not correct and they look entirely different but that the easiest way to access the correct Agent Services Account is through a Google search!! I followed their advice and found the correct page but no clients are linked. I tried to link them again to find I couldn't as they are already linked. The HMRC officer then confirmed the clients are there but you cannot see them.
MTD should be live from April but we cannot access the ASA through the link which is ridiculous and very concerning.
If anyone wants to try to access through Google the searches were: "get an HMRC agent services account" (I know you already have one but that was the search!) and "use software to submit VAT return" to set up MTD for VAT.

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By Sparkly
13th Dec 2018 13:07

Last week when I logged into my usual Agent portal I was asked if I wanted to update to the new version so I did. I wasn't issued with any new credentials i.e. no new Government Gateway ID or password. When I sign in now the heading is Agent Services and I can see all of the services I'm registered for on a new clean White background with blue writing. Then when I click on any of those services it looks just like the old agent service. Nothing about MTD or linking clients other than the first time I clicked on Corporation Tax I had to individually confirm that I was still acting for them. So having read numerous times that I should have a separate log-in for ASA I tried to set it up - I get to the end of the process and I'm told I already have an ASA account! What on earth have I done wrong? I think whatever it is I'm in the same boat as "Lost". I'm going to abandon working it out until February when hopefully it's fixed, just too busy to be doing this just now

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to Sparkly
15th Dec 2018 19:35

Read my post of 8th Dec 2018 13:52

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By Sparkly
to paulinleeds
18th Dec 2018 11:13

I did follow the instructions and links in your blog. But my account has already "migrated" which happened during the last day ASA period of 5 the days downtime (suspect it din't work properly)- so when I use your second link it tells me that I already have an ASA account but I haven't at any point been given the opportunity to request a New separate ID. Online Services are currently investigating

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