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Consolidated Accounts Software

Looking for a software that can create consolidated statements

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Hi all

We are looking for a software that can generate consolidated accounts. It is most likely going to be one off as we will only be using it for one of our clients. Can anyone recommend any cheap accounts software that can generate consolidated accounts? If some softwares offer pay as you go we would be happy to explore this option too.

Thank you for your help

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By zarar
22nd Apr 2017 17:01

We just had the same issue and have signed up with Digita for 10 clients for this purpose - it's the smallest package they offer

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By Richard Willis
24th Apr 2017 14:11

If you are experienced with Excel why not use that. There will be detractors but I worked for a multi-million Euro company with factories in three countries and four currencies and we still did all the accounts through Excel!

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