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Consolidation in Xero

Consolidation in Xero

I know I could just extract to Excel and do it, but that's effectively what I do at the moment.

This is a client where I produce monthly consolidated management accounts. At the moment I use VT then excel. I will move the accounts into Xero if it will save me time in the consolidation, but if not then I'll leave it where it is.


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07th Feb 2013 23:56

Xero is just a basic 3 ledger package with Bank integration

Ideal for a small business which works mostly through the bank with a few sales and purchase transactions.

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By Sarah P
08th Feb 2013 10:35

I agree Chris

The irony is though that this is a small business, it's just in a group :-)

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08th Feb 2013 10:39

Answering the question..., you can't consolidate in Xero.

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09th Feb 2013 14:04

We are planning to build consolidation...

...however as an interim solution, there's an Excel macro method that works quite well.


Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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