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Consolidation tool for 20 companies

Need a consolidation tool that can integrate with Xero

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Need a consolidation tool that can integrate with Xero for a company with 20 companies - 8 active transactions (GBP and EUR).  I have looked at Joiin and looks limited for what we need.  A long time ago, I used Solver and really liked the consolidation but I do not think that Xero will work with it.  Can anyone recommend a consolidation option?




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By johnt27
18th Nov 2021 10:07

All the Xero reporting apps will do consolidation - check them out on the app store

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By Lianne Gatti
18th Nov 2021 11:18


Have a look at Konsolidator (, designed for consolidation of this many entities and handles all FX, minority interests etc. Has a pre-built connector for Xero to upload you TB information.

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By thestudyman
18th Nov 2021 15:45

Spotlight Reporting and Fathom are very popular consolidation reporting software which integrates with Xero.. Bear in mind the consolidation happens out of Xero.

If you need genuine consolidation in the accounting software, then Xero will not offer that feature, and you may need to look into upgrading to another provider who offers consolidation out of the box, like AccountsIQ

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