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Consoliidated Accounts template with notes

Can someone send a template please or let me know where I can access one

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I wondered if you can help me.  

I have a client that wishes to publish consolidated accounts (optional basis) with notes at companies house.

I wondered if someone out there would have a template available with the necessary reports and notes or perhaps let me know where I can access one on the web

Thank you. 

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By paul.benny
06th Aug 2019 12:05

From what you have said in other questions, you have a non-trading UK parent and an overseas trading company. The UK parent itself has a foreign parent and these consolidated accounts are voluntary.

So what accounting standards are you preparing the group accounts to - IFRS, FRS102 or FRS101? And what have been used for the subsid?

Depending on the complexity of the business and the financing, the different standard regimes may affect the reporting- lease accounting, hedging, goodwill and intangibles. The different standard regimes are also likely to affect the disclosures.

PwC make available a very comprehensive model IFRS plc group accounts. But 9/10th is probably irrelevant.

You might also want to think about who is auditing the group accounts. Given you haven't prepared or audited the subsid, do you want to give an opinion on the group accounts?

Without details of the group, I may be completely off track here. Happy to discuss offline if you want to PM contact details.

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