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Construction Subies

Construction Subies

Afternoon all,

I am looking to target construction subies (my bright idea for today) doing a fixed fee service and all the usual, but I'm not sure how to get access to them. Anyone have any ideas on how to target this market - what do Subies read, wher should I be advertising, wher can I get a mailing list from etc, etc, etc

Muchas Gracias



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21st Mar 2011 14:51

personal opinion

You are a glutton for punishment.

Sub contractors are a total pain in the derrier.

Records are non existant, they all want their accounts done on 6th April and expect a refund by the 7th, and none of them want to pay until they receive their refund. They are also the most likely section to be pulled by HMRC for checks.

Unless you get their refunds and deduct your fee there's a good chance you wont get paid, and even then half of them think you've underpaid them.

We have many long standing subbies, but its a section we try to avoid now - a lot of work, a lot of hassle, for little reward.

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21st Mar 2011 15:45

CD I continue to enjoy your answers to everything!

CD - I love reading your replies!

I don't disagree with any of what you say - I have been through it before - its just that needs must at the moment... or as my brother Albert might say, I'm trying for the low hanging fruit ;)


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21st Mar 2011 17:27

Where subbies might be out there

Although I think CD is right, others on Aweb are making money in this area.

From the few subbies I've seen, many of them are not particularly clever and some cannot read (probably dislexia), so I would have thought a few large postcard adverts in the local newsagent type places in various areas with very few words might do the trick. Also supermarkets like Asda, if they take advertising, Homebase, B&Q etc.

If you wanted to go mad (and it's probably too expensive an idea for this sector of the market) you could have your car advert wrapped and make sure you keep visiting B&Q/Homebase. A painter and decorator told me he got most of his business by being approached in the carpark of such places by the general public - because of the advert on his van. It ought to work the other way around as subbies are forever visiting these places.

What about advertising at the local football ground- perhaps a small ad in one of their programmes?

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21st Mar 2011 18:17

A gentle "slap on the wrist" for moonbeam

From the few subbies I've seen, many of them are not particularly clever and some cannot read (probably dislexia),  Posted by Moonbeam on Mon, 21/03/2011 - 17:27


You need to gen up on dyslexia.  It really isnt a "one size fits all" disability.  Also, it's one which can be overcome - I know - I'm living proof of that.  When I left school dyslexia was something that was virtually unknown, but it was diagnosed in the army, and I went on to gain an honours degree in business stuidies, and subsequently a first in law.  Not bad for someone who still can't spell :) 

It is thought that as many as 1 in 10 people actually have some form of dyslexia and 1 in 25 people have a significant degree of the condition. Despite this it remains a largely misunderstood condition.


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21st Mar 2011 18:40


CD I don't know why you're mad at me because I suggest that a lot of subbies have dyslexia. The condition on its own has nothing to do with intelligence, but it obviously causes tremendous problems in learning to read. Yes, I know there are lots of types of dyslexia, and I also know that there has been very little help offered to people until comparatively recently.

I have had many clients with some form of this and know that all too many of them have been abandoned at school, and only the cleverest have been able to overcome the problem. Over the years I have had to be very subtle in offering to draft letters for the people who still find reading a problem and writing even more so.

You do seem to take offence where none was intended.

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21st Mar 2011 19:12

Who's taking offence ???????????????

CD I don't know why you're mad at me because I suggest that a lot of subbies have dyslexia. ............. You do seem to take offence where none was intended.

Posted by Moonbeam on Mon, 21/03/2011 - 18:40


Believe me, if I was angry you would be left in absolutely no doubt :) 

I was simply pointing out that there are various types and degrees of dyslexia, and, that there are in fact many sufferers who you would not suspect had the condition. I know a top surgeon who is dyslexic.  I also know a subcontractor who went on to become a top playright - you have almost certainly seen his work on TV. 

What I'm trying to say is that all dyslexics are not  unable to read and write.  My own condition has no effect whatsoever on my ability to read - however, I cannot spell to save my life, and - perhaps this is my stubborn streak - I refuse to give in by using a spell checker. (I do if writing letters, reports, opinions etc) - but not in a forum, so get used to my lousy spelling :)

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By zebaa
21st Mar 2011 19:40

Could try ...

You could try advertising via a Union member newsletter. No idea what the cost might be, but you could ask. For what it is worth I know Unite represents some Plumbers And Sparks, but there is a far bit of trade segmentation in the building industry. So for example, at snap time the plumbers will chat to the sparks and the brickies to the plasters. 

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22nd Mar 2011 10:51


My experience of this area is much the same as with CD however one thing to bear in mind is that you often end up with a group of guys who know & work with each other and who cannot understand how their differing circumstances effect their individual liabilities. This usually leads to a lot of frustrating phonecalls. 

I have no doubt that some will claim to have "trained" their CIS subbies with book keeping spreadsheets and impressed upon them the importance of receipts etc but never managed this feat myself.

In summary, it is relatively easy work that if you intend to collect your fee via a tax repayment can be fairly secure however it does come with it's own unique problems. For one thing, you don't really want a reputation as they guy to go to see when you want a big tax repayment.

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