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Contacting HMRC re late 64-8

Contacting HMRC re late 64-8

Hello all,

I posted a 64-8 at the end of March to HMRC's Central Agent Authorisation Team (as far as I can tell the first 64-8 has to be by post). I have not yet received a reply, and on using "Where's My Reply for Agents" the response is to contact HMRC.  Anybody got a relevant phone number, as to use the Agent Dedicated Line, I need to be already authorised (a bit of a catch 22!)




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03rd May 2018 11:00

I thought you could always use the online system. It doesn't have to be by post.
Have you tried it ?? If not I suggest you do as it works very well and quickly

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03rd May 2018 11:13

What taxes do you need 64-8 for.
PAYE is different to the rest of the system

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03rd May 2018 11:15

I requested PAYE & VAT.

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03rd May 2018 16:36

Thanks to Bernard I have used the online service to request access.

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