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Contacting HMRC re VAT repayment

Contacting HMRC re VAT repayment

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Client is a film production company. First VAT return showed a refund due on production costs, and we received an e-mail from HMRC asking for some information to back up the costs and show that the company was genuine.  This was provided by e-mail.

This was 6 weeks ago, and we have called and/or e-mailed the chap at HMRC almost daily since, with no further response.  Another return has now gone in showing more VAT repayable but they won't repay it until this chap authorises it.  We spoke to the VAT line and they gave us an alternative number which no-one ever answers and has a full mailbox. They just keep telling us to wait until the original chap gets back to us.

In the meantime, the client is in urgent need of the repayment ASAP

Is there any higher power I can complain to about this to try and get some action?

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By Chris Smail
24th Nov 2011 12:06

Email the boss

The Treasury Minister responsible is the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke

[email protected]

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By chatman
23rd Nov 2011 23:23

The Tribunal

You can always appeal to the Tribunal if HMRC steals your money.

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