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Continuity of Practice

ACCA Continuity

Hi All.

I am in the process of renewing my practicing certificate non audit. For the last three years I had a continuity of practice agreement with another sole trader accountant who has recently informed me that they will not be renewing their practicing certificate this year. So I am looking for someone to have this arrangement with. I am based in Birmingham. Anyone who can help please PM me. Much appreciated. Thank you.


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23rd Nov 2017 15:28


I am setting up a small practice and I'm also looking for a continuity agreement. I am happy to have a reciprocal arrangement with you. However, I am based in Kent and CIMA qualified. Let me know if you are interested.

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By MissusL
to stewbacca
05th Dec 2017 09:52

Hi Stewbacca, I am looking for someone to have a "continuity of practice" agreement with too. I'm ACCA, and have just been authorised for a practicing certificate (non-audit). I'll only be working part-time and as a sole-trader, so quite small.

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