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Contract for Sale of Fees

Need a lawyer to draft contract for sale of fees

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I am selling a small block of fees and need a lawyer to draft the contract. Does anyone know of a lawyer who does this?

Thanks in advance.

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By James Green
06th Jun 2018 22:47

Yes I do know of several lawyers who can do this, but the costs could be more than the value of the “small block of fees” you are selling. (Think £10-25k)

You may be able to do the deal using the template from here: (I’m not linked to this site, I’ve just used their stuff myself)

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07th Jun 2018 09:15

I would have thought most lawyers would be capable of this.
We've just sold our practice and used a local firm in Exeter, who were very good. Their charges were reasonable I thought, around the £2k mark.

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