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Contracts of Employment & Subcontractor Agreements

Templates for a contract of employment and a subcontractor agreement.

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We are a small firm of ICAEW Chartered Accountants and have a couple of employees and subcontractors.  We need to have formal contracts for both in place.  Does anyone have templates or recommend someone who can draft these for us?

Many thanks


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13th Jun 2018 21:58

I'd be very wary indeed of using a generic template (if that's what you meant) (although obviously interesting to get some ideas). Have you asked the ICAEW if they could point you towards a law firm who could help? I'd certainly be looking for a firm with employment law strengths.

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14th Jun 2018 07:40

ICAEW have a helpsheet on employing subcontractors which includes an outline of an agreement. You may want to have a read of this.

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14th Jun 2018 13:30

There are plenty of firms of solicitors who could help you. I also agree that just using a generic template is a bad idea. Employment law moves on regularly, so you need legal advice for your particular situation. You shouldn't have to pay more than around £200 or so per type of contract, and that's not a lot to save your bacon in future. Treat it as an investment.

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14th Jun 2018 14:20

The self employed agreements on Simply Docs have always worked for me. The main ones are under the business tab with similar versions under the Employment tab.

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19th Jun 2018 10:50

Bright Contracts - Haven’t used it myself but I saw it on a GDPR webinar recently run by BrightPay. It look pretty good.

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27th Sep 2018 22:52

As I’m not a member of icaew would you be so kind. As to email the guidance please ?
[email protected]


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