Conversion of Quickbooks Desktop to QBO and stock

With the demise of QBD we need to find an alternative for our client who uses stock

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We are grappling with how to deal with the demise of QBD for a client who runs a wholesale business and is heavily reliant on the stock functionality in QBD. There is a QBD to QBO conversion avaiable through movemybooks but this doesn't cover stock.

Is there a workaround for this through exporting stock items as a csv and then importing into QBO?

Is anyone considering using tis opportunity to move to different application altogether and if so which one?

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By ann domonkos
15th Nov 2022 15:05

There is an import products and services function where you can upload a csv.

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By cinnamint
15th Nov 2022 16:05

I am in the exact same situation with a client. QB online just doesn't work for sales order processing & stock control so we're just keeping on with QB Desktop until it dies. I'd like to move them onto Sage but it's a big cost for them because it needs to be what used to be called Sage Professional. I've actually moved their accounts onto Xero to see if we could use that but it's too much of a faff with about 3500 stock items so won't be continuing with the trial. It's pretty poor that QB haven't made an online offering to properly replace Desktop with stock control and sales order processing. Let me know if you come up with anything!

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By Rgab1947
17th Nov 2022 09:12

In QBO there are add-ins which deal with stock and other more complex accounting requirements.

They appear to be on a monthly subscription model and not overly expensive. There are quiet a few choices with a range of abilities and costs.

I was trying to get a client change over from Sage50 cloud but they are wedded to Sage desktop (sadly)

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By HeatherSimpson
17th Nov 2022 09:32

I had a client in this position and I use QBO. The client wanted various prices for the same product depending on the customer, retail, wholesale etc.

However, the client chose 'Unleashed' for the stock and although it worked with QBO, in February 2021 it worked better with Xero, so the client went with Xero.

mmcconvert did the data conversion.

NB all the stock functions are done in Unleashed and you swap back and forth between the two with a button, so no conversion of the stock codes/levels etc is required in Xero/QBO.

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