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Converting an 'unincorporated association'

Converting an 'unincorporated association' to a company limited by guarantee

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A proposed client has asked if I will quote for converting an 'unincorporated association'  to a company limited by guarantee.

There is other work that the client has asked to do, which I  would like to do. However, I have not converted an 'unincorporated association' to a company limited by guarantee before.

I am not sure what is involved and therefore if there is anyone who has experience in this and would like to do the work and quote for it please feel free to DM me and we can take it from there. 


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By paul.benny
29th Oct 2021 09:04

Have you asked prospective client why they want to do this?

As we often see here, people have pre-formed ideas (eg creating a group structure, transferring real estate to a company) which are not necessarily a good thing.

*If* change of legal structure makes sense, a start point is the constitution of the association. That will affect the next steps, which turn affects the cost of making the change.

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By Justin Bryant
29th Oct 2021 09:53

Yes; I could advise in this. [email protected]

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