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COP9 Expert Accountant

Lokking for good accountant for COP9 investigation

Hi I have a COP 9 investigation ( wanted to find a small firm or indiviual who has good expereince and is not going to charge me a fortune???


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17th Jun 2018 21:31

Given possible need for multiple meetings etc you might want to give any likely firm/individual an idea of your location?

Hate to say that not "a fortune" and investigations does depend on definition, as investigations and low cost are certainly not usually related concepts.

Good luck.

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By frankfx
17th Jun 2018 21:57

Try Arthur Weller.......... google him... I have used him on a number of tax matters... not investigation work. He is very helpful..... and point you in right direction

or the team at Copperfield Fee Protection..... they are at the smaller end of Fee protection........ and you may be able to access their services at a negotiated fee

The above may be able and willing to refer you on to a suitable advisor.

They he will give you a risk assessment on the areas of concern that in turn may enable you to identify areas where fee costs can be controlled.

Experts invariably come with a price ticket.....based on VALUE provided.

Perhaps you may find a recently retired expert or one on Maternity leave ........ willing to provide assistance below normal market rates perhaps.

But you need to ask the ''expert firms'' this question directly.

Fee protection insurance ..... may be worth checking the Home Insurance Policy for this !

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18th Jun 2018 09:37

Cop 9 have the power to interview you under caution in a Police station, so I would maybe not go cheap on it.

If you are in North I know someone who deals with them and will not lift your leg on fees if that is any use to you.

PM me and I will give you his details.

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to Glennzy
18th Jun 2018 19:04

hi glen.

thank so kindly replying to my cop9 enquiry

if you could let me know who you would recommend up north.

thanks again

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18th Jun 2018 10:11

Why not advise on it yourself? It's not complicated stuff at all and once you've done one you will be an expert I expect.

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to Justin Bryant
18th Jun 2018 10:51

I think the OP may be the one subject to the COP9, rather than an accountant who has to deal with one for a client.

OP, as for going cheap - you may regret that decision should you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to bend over to retrieve the soap, whilst Big Boris winks at you from the adjacent shower.

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18th Jun 2018 19:03

Thank you very much everyone for your replies.

I am in London but if there are any small firms you would recommend would appreciate

Thanks again for all your kind advice.

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