Coping methods for SA season

What tools and tricks do you use to keep yourself sane?

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Afternoon all,

I hope you're all keeping well during this busy period. As we enter the final stretch of January, it's likely that many of you are pretty up against it. With this in mind, what are your personal methods of staying sane as you tackle that mountain of tax returns?

Do you have a playlist blasting out high-tempo bangers playing throughout the day, or are you raiding the biscuit tin for a quick sugar fix? Maybe you're incorporating some self-care into your busy schedule? I for one drown myself in about a gallon of coffee and turn my work music playlist up to max when I'm up against a hard deadline..!

Whatever tactic works for you, I hope it's helping you through this last dash to the finish line. Good luck for the next few days, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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paddle steamer
26th Jan 2023 16:58

Used to be HHGTTG CD box set from the radio series played one after the other, now, given only had 13 returns to do re 31st, did not need them. I am done (well two to submit but they are done and I just need to be told individuals are happy with them)

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By Open all hours
26th Jan 2023 17:41

The Sound of Philadelphia seems to sort things out.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
26th Jan 2023 18:07

Screaming into the void of Aweb.

Hang on, I do that all year.

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26th Jan 2023 20:53

We have a bet on which of our client's return will be the final one to be submitted. With 9 to go it's getting tense :-)

The fun part is that you already know who the contenders will be by December.

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By Kaylee100
26th Jan 2023 23:35

I've got a new approach this year, I'm retiring! So the count down is for real and comes with added motivation that when it hits zero it will never reset!

I'm down to 10 now :)

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By meadowsaw227
27th Jan 2023 11:08

Radio 2 always on in the background but never listen to it.
Just filed my last return.
Transfer/sale of business mid February.

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Replying to meadowsaw227:
By Hugo Fair
27th Jan 2023 13:02

Well, fingers crossed ... and welcome to the world of sanity on this side of the 'sold-up' divide!

I know I'm likely to know more people of my own age - but I'm beginning to see a trend that I also encounter at medical practices.
Namely the earlier & earlier retirement (or at least massively reduced hours) by those with whom I feel comfortable in trusting their judgement ... balanced against the reduced number of available people to see (and a sense of gentle despair when I do, due to a feeling that I know more than them on their specialist topic)!

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