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copy Excel to Word

copy Excel to Word

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I have spreadsheet data in a table that is larger than an A4 sheet of paper and I need to get this into a Word report.

When I copy and paste into a landscape, rotated, Word document ,the result is the extreme margins are cut off where it will not fit onto the A4 sheet exactly. I have tried adjusting the size of the rows and columns of the source Excel sheet, but this is very fiddly and only by trial and error... and I have several "copies" to do. I have tried using the Word "autofit" tool without sucess - maybe I am not using it in the right way. I have tried embedding an Excel worksheet into Word and then copying in - no can do!

Is there an elegant way of copying Excel data so it "autofits" onto one page.

All suggestion gratefully received.
Michael Ung

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By mikeopolo
29th May 2007 02:32

Embed the worksheet and re-size
My suggestion would be to embed the original workbook/worksheet in Word and re-size it (like a picture).

To embed the original Excel worksheet, open Word, format the page as landscape, then select Insert, Object, From existing File, browse to the file and select it. (method from Word 2003)

When it is opened it may overflow the page. Select it once, then click on a convenient corner, and drag the border inwards. It will scale.

There isn't (afaik) a way to autoscale the embedded worksheet.


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By mung1
29th May 2007 14:24

Thank you

Thanks for your suggestion which works great!

I had a little difficulty in sizing down by dragging handles on one of the large embedded spreadsheets but got around it by using....

right click mouse over embedded object
Format Object
Size (tab)
Height (adjust in size and rotate)


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