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Copying clients across to Agent Services Account

Copying clients across to Agent Services Account

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We set up our Agent Services Account a few years ago in order to register some trusts, but have never migrated our personal tax clients across. I’m wondering if anyone else has?

It appears as though you can transfer your current client list over, but the screen giving you this option says:

“You will not be able to view your client lists through your agent services account. To view your clients, use your third-party software.”

So we won’t be able to see them on the Agent Services Account. But will the old login credentials still show them?

Might be something I need to call HMRC about, but was wondering if anyone had any experience of doing this.

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By SXGuy
05th Oct 2021 13:36

Only vat works on the ASA at the moment.

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Replying to SXGuy:
Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
05th Oct 2021 13:58

You're correct. I've found my answer.

I'm trying to set up the Digital Tax Account functionality on our software, and thought it had to be done via the Agent Services Account, but appears not to be the case, so I don't need to worry about migrating them over just now.

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