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Coronavirus furloughed employees

Furloughed employees working as volunteers

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 As per your bulletin dated today - "Whilst furloughed staff can’t do any work for the employer that furloughed them, they can undertake training, work for other employers, work on a self-employed basis or as a volunteer."     Can they do voluntary work for the employer that furloughed them  ??

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By Duggimon
01st Apr 2020 14:16

The answer to your question is in your post

"Whilst furloughed staff can’t do any work for the employer that furloughed them...

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By ngaccounts
01st Apr 2020 15:35

There is some HMRC guidance relating specifically to charities which states that employees cannot do any work for that charity in a service providing or fundraising capacity. So basically the answer is no.

Suspect nothing to stop some kind of cross charity reciprocal agreements though i.e. staff from one charity volunteer for another & vice versa.

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By kestrepo
01st Apr 2020 17:49

In theory an employee cannot work while on Furlough Leave. That said I would expect employees to exhibit a degree of goodwill towards the employer. As an example I would expect an employee to be able to occasionally look at emails and provide some responses without falling foul of the rules. I expect the acid test for HMRC if there was ever an audit to be whether the businesses turnover reduced during the period of Furlough consistently with the number of workers not working. But at the end of the day who is going to know?

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