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Coronavirus Job Retention - RTI late submission

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) - February RTI submitted on the 20th March

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I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem and if they were able to resolve it favourably for the client. 


- Registered the Client for Payroll on the 20th Feb and client made a salary payment on the 27th February {1 - man company}

- We obtained the payroll details in March and given the lockdown was not able to obtain our post, which included the PAYE letter, until end of March.

- February RTI was submitted on the 20th March 2020

The original cut-off date for CJRS was February and in March the client made themselves furlough. Luckily on 15th April HMRC extended the cut-off date to 19th March. We called HMRC and explained client's circumstances, which was accepted by HMRC and a fourlough grant was paid. We had to call HMRC every month to make a succesful claim. When making the July claim HMRC refused and stated that given that the cut-off date was missed no furlough grant will be paid out. They also suggested that the client should repay the grant. 

This has put us in a very difficult position and was wondering if anyone else had similar issue. 

Thank you

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03rd Aug 2020 09:56

If it were me I would do another phone call. Historically different answers are given by different people none of whom are that knowlegeable. July is no different to the other months. If HMRC have paid the grant for a three months - each on the back of a phone call then why not July. HMRC have obviously accepted the circumstances. You were just unlucky with whoever answered the phone. Yet more time consuming work.

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Replying to NYB:
By Wanderer
03rd Aug 2020 10:08

I'd say the OP was lucky with the first four calls.
For July it sounds like they spoke to someone who actually applied the rules.

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By aliveli
03rd Aug 2020 12:02

Thank you NYB and Wanderer
In previous months HMRC accepted and made the payment, but in July they stated that they have to forward it internally and someone will call you.
Few days later we received the call and the application was rejected.
The problem is that due to Covid we could not get clients registration details on time and at the time with known information we knew that the client could not make a claim as the original cut-off date was 28th February.

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